MST Micron Screening Technology
– Fine Screening

Fine Screening Technology

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  • Active Screen Area: 6m2
  • High speed provides more screening probability
  • High amplitude provides higher segregation
  • Slope to be adapted to each application
  • Fines are usually materials <1mm up to 3mm
  • Cutsizes <30µm to 500µm


  • Sand Defillerisation
  • Drilling Mud
  • Sludge Recycling
  • Chemicals
  • Oilfield Products
  • Food
  • Example Laboratory Analysis of a Dry Screening application using the MST

    Defillerisation – Reducing and removing <63µm fines
    content in Limestone material

  • Infeed <3mm

  • Overs/Refused <3mm

  • Passing 0-63μm